A team of Technology, Marketing, and Business experts took their knowledge gathered from years of implementing Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions to the step of empowering companies from various industries in their accurate decision-making process.



In 2016 DataHub Analytics was established, the first-ever specialized data analytics company in Jordan.


Today, you have a real team who truly believe that democratized data access and data-centric analytics which is the change that will help solve your toughest problems. Customers, including CIOs, CMOs, CTOs, Executive business leaders, all rely on DataHub Analytics to help them get from raw data to insight faster than ever.

Our Vision

To Simplify and Refine decision-making processes in all industries that aim for the most effective and efficient operational and business excellence.

Our Mission

Is to serve a compelling, easy-to-use visual Data Analysis Suite empowering and enabling our customers to become the expert data users and scientists even in their junior phase. 



We organize everything we do around our client’s success to provide something of value from day one. We learn and then adapt. Then, we learn more and more.

Guide Customer Success

We relentlessly pursue making our customers goals achievers.

Embrace Simplicity

the simplest way is the right way, anything that is not simple is simply wrong.

Expect Ownership

At DataHub Analytics we take responsibility for our actions and we build trusting relationships by making and meeting our commitments.

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- Analytics and Visualization

- BI and Data warehouse

- Big Data Implementations

- Predictive analysis

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Sun - Thu: 9am - 6pm

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