Major changes in customer behavior are increasing pressure on the retail industry to better leverage retail data.

With greater customer empowerment, more is expected of the industry than ever before. When they meet customer demand and boost operational efficiency, retailers are rewarded with increases in customer loyalty, same store sales, and gross margins. But for some, issues with their data and a lack of data governance impede their best strategies in business and technology.

DataHub Analytics solutions for retail enhance your brand by effectively managing data on customers, products, POS, inventory, pricing, social media, and store-level sales.

  • Maximize revenue by delivering consistent and personalized
    marketing and multichannel shopping experiences and keeping a
    fresh assortment of merchandise in stock

  • Streamline supply chain operations by analyzing wholesale,
    inventory and POS retail data in real time, automating
    data exchange with small suppliers, and leveraging
    consistent supplier data

  • Optimize store operations

  • Boost performance and increase operational efficiency by
    archiving inactive data from key retail applications

  • Empower customer service reps to manage issues effectively
    and be active in social media

  • Predictive analytics, stay ahead of the competition and
    increase efficiency across your enterprise



- Analytics and Visualization

- BI and Data warehouse

- Big Data Implementations

- Predictive analysis

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